From me. For Me. And sometimes, for you.

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I’m really afraid that if I do open up to someone they’ll sew me back shut or enter and viciously eat me from the inside out.


It wasn’t until I made my exit and found myself in the company of my reflection that I felt a throbbing in me that brought forth a desire to bawl. A fist of emotion striking at my chest, breaking my skin and will as I disciplined myself before a tear let out. Gasping a bit, light headed at most, I walked back to you lying in your skin and crawled beside your bones, and asked for more sweetly. So you took me in like a breathe and let me out like carbon as I shot you through my veins and threw up my logic. What complicated creatures we humans are, choosing a veil of possibility rather than a crown of certainty. I hope to be a turtle on my next life, maybe then you wouldn’t care for my shell enough to shatter it.


I sent out a message of trivial concern, with insignificance. A spell without a care. Enchantress of the beings with no direction, this is who I seem to be. I’ve molded myself to a simple title of seemingly much importance. And as I reign it’s apparent all I have to say are these spells. Phrases of magic in a phase of adversity. Simply put, I need to start facing this bullshit for what it is.

"Showers can wash away anything. Smoke, dirt, tears, his touch, his words."
Advice to myself (via dreamtly)



If you ever feel fat just remember it’s because your body needs to expand to contain all of its cuteness

Why are you giving ppl permission to be unhealthy? Y’all are sick!

Exactly, why can’t we get to the root of the actual problem without literally sugar coating it?


I’m glad I don’t remember calling you, because that’d give me reason to feel ashamed. I’ve never been one to feel ashamed.


Here we go world before the next realm. On a ride of dizzy adventures and mislead decisions.